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4 boys and 4 girls are suspects - up to 20 can play

The big day had finally arrived and the kids were all excited. Yesterday, The Thimble Brothers Circus had, at last, come to the town of Sassafras Corners. Last night, young and old alike gathered in the vacant lot next to the town park to see the big top go up and to watch the animals get bathed and fed.

Finally, reluctantly, each boy and girl went home to bed to dream of the wonderful sights they would see when the ringmaster began his call, "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls . . ."

They couldn’t begin to guess that he would end this call with, ". . . unfortunately the circus cannot open today."

Overnight, the most dreadful thing had happened. Somehow, from her locked cage, open only to the sky above, Eloise the elephant had disappeared.

Eloise was the star of the show. Many people came only to see the elegantly adorned elephant perform her clever tricks. Without Eloise, there could be no show. Something had to be done and quickly. Without question, the kids of the town were up to the task. Before the day was ended, they had to answer these questions: WHO TOOK ELOISE? HOW WAS IT DONE? And WHY?

One of these suspects took Eloise the Elephant:

OLGA OGLETHORP, Banker - She could take over the circus if, for some reason, it didn't make enough money to pay back its bank loan.

IRA LOUDMOUTH, Ringmaster - The crowd had trouble hearing him because Eloise made so much noise.

FELICITY FREEFALL, Tight Rope Walker - She knew she'd be the biggest star in the circus if it weren't for Eloise.

DEVIOUS DAN, The Midway Man - Eloise kept driving away his customers by spraying them with water.  

KARINA KABOOM, Human Cannonball - She had to watch her weight to fit into the cannon, but Eloise kept tempting her to eat more peanuts.

CHIP PANSY, Monkey Trainer - His friend, Amy the Ape, is a much nicer animal than Eloise, but Eloise got all of the attention.

BETTY BLOWUP, Balloon Artist - Everybody kept asking her to make balloon elephants, the only animal she's not good at creating.

SINEWY STAN, Strong Man - He had to do all of the heavy lifting around the circus because Eloise refused to help.