All-Girl Kids Mystery Party Game 
(10 - 13 years old)

8 girls are suspects - up to 20 can play

As the clock struck midnight, early this morning, an explosion woke the people staying in Mystery Manor. Moments later came a horrible scream, and everybody ran to the main ballroom where they saw Minerva (everyone calls her Minnie) Maxson, illuminated by a shaft of moonlight, completely frozen in fear.

A big hole was discovered in the glass roof of the huge conservatory with its many large trees and plants. Several windows were also broken. Small droplets of blood led into the yard.

Minnie's 13th birthday party should have been the highlight of her year. Her parents had booked Mystery Manor on this night before the big birthday dance. As a present, her Aunt Teresa had paid for the event and was there to chaperone the party. Magician Penny Vanish, owner of the Manor and daughter of the late Merlin Vanish, was also scheduled to give a special performance at the big birthday dance.

Minnie remained silent, her eyes seemingly fixed open. Nobody was able to attract her attention.

The big birthday dance is due to take place tonight, but it cannot possibly go ahead until the mystery is solved. There are rumors of arguments among the guests. Some say the adults are hiding more than a few secrets.

What happened to Minnie? Somebody knows. How is it linked to the incident in the conservatory? Minnie's parents have called in a team of investigators. Moments after their arrival, Penny revealed that she had seen a girl in the yard, just moments after the explosion. A girl covered in scratches . . .

"My daughter turned 10 this weekend and we had a great party on Friday night with her girl friends. We did the Mystery Manor mystery and the girls had a total blast. Something different than trying to figure out time for a craft or goofy games. I am so glad I stumbled across your web site and I will recommend it highly to my friends. It was so easy....even I had fun playing my part with the girls!" Bobbie Larson, White Bear Lake, MN

"I just wanted to report the huge success of our mystery party for Emily's 10th birthday. She and her friends got right into the characters and my elder daughter and her friend took the role of the Inspectors. Thank you for your hard work in devising the game." Samantha Whittaker, Newbury, Berkshire, England

One of these suspects was responsible for shocking Minnie:

TERESA LEAFY, Minnie's Aunt - She paid a lot of money to rent the Manor. Why would she want to leave a day early?

PENNY VANISH, Owner of the Manor and Magician - She has a spectacular trick planned for the big dance.

DUSTY SHELVES, Maid and Cook at the Manor - Just because she and Penny had an argument, would she want to sabotage the party?

DESTINIA WAITS, Editor of the School Paper - She needs a big story to get more students to read the paper.

ABBY TYPIN, A Classmate of Minnie's - As of last week, she and Minnie work on the school paper together with Destinia. 

ALITA and JUDIE MANGO, Classmates - They plot and plan everything together.

ONA PONY, Minnie's Former Best Friend - She wanted the job with the school paper, but Minnie got it instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions ...

How many kids can participate in this mystery?

From 8 to 20 children can comfortably participate in the investigation. Although you can have even a larger group if you want to.

Does everyone have a role?

The plot includes eight suspects. They are the only ones with assigned roles. Everyone else becomes an investigator who figures out the details of the crime. Since the guilty party doesn't know who did it, all of the kids can attempt to solve the case.

What will I get when I order the mystery?

You'll get everything you need to conduct the investigation, including:

Complete instructions on what to do to solve The Shocking Case of Mystery Manor.

Roles for eight suspects that include information about who they are and why they might have been responsible for shocking Minnie.

Support material that will help the kids investigate the incident.

"The Solution" that is revealed at the end of the investigation and ties the event together. Remember: The kids will have to ask a lot of questions to identify the guilty party.

How much will I pay for this exclusive kids mystery party game?

The total cost is only $27.97 - AND you'll be able to download the entire mystery as soon as your credit card is processed. You'll have an all-girl mystery party that will keep them talking for months.

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