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Every year the small town of Tadpole Grove grinds to a halt for the Tadpole Grove Dog Show. Hopeful hounds from miles around gather in the town hall to be judged on their appearance, behavior, training and friendliness. It's the biggest event in town and everybody looks forward to it.

For the last four years, the show’s Grand Champion has been Cocoa, a beautiful chocolate Labrador retriever. Unfortunately this means that the number of visitors is dwindling, and the other contestants are starting to grumble. Rumors are spreading that the whole show is a fix.

This year, preparations were underway for the big show. The hall was decorated and ready, but very few tickets had been sold. Then, the night before the big  event, phones started to ring, and news quickly spread that Cocoa had been kidnapped! A strange note was found early the next morning that said only: "Not this time."

The town policeman, Officer Apples, has asked everybody to remain calm. He will, he says, find who stole Cocoa. He’s the only policeman in the town, though, and residents have decided  he could use some help. The dog show is scheduled to start in a few hours. Private investigators have been called in to work with Officer Apples.

Eight people are obvious suspects, and one of them must be guilty. But who? For such a small town, a lot is going on behind the scenes. The clock is ticking. You need to find out what happened.

One of these suspects dognapped Cocoa:

PETER PICKEM, Dog Show Judge - Some people think he's not a good judge because Cocoa wins every year.

CLARA SKY, Cocoa's Owner - Cocoa was given to her as a gift, but her mother's been entering Cocoa in dog shows ever since.

CLAUDIA SKY, Clara's Mom - She doesn't want people to find out that she and Peter are old friends because it might look like they're cheating.

OFFICER APPLES, Policeman - Since he's the only policeman in town, the dog show is a real problem in trying to keep the town safe.

MOLLY CODDLE, Dog Owner - Her dog, Milkshake, finishes second to Cocoa every year. She thinks it's about time for her pooch to win.

SHEP KEEPER, General Store Owner - He organizes the show each year. This year ticket sales are slow because everyone knows Cocoa will win.

EVA PEEKING, Neighbor - Rumors around town say that she has, in the past, pilfered a pet for profit.

JIMMY DOORS, Clara's Classmate - He seems to always be around when doors in town are left unlocked.