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Dear Kids Mystery Fan,

Order Kids Mystery Party KitsTeens and preteens love the challenge of solving a mystery by using their powers of deduction - especially at a birthday party or a special celebration. That's why you'd like to host a unique party game, a kids mystery investigation. 

But many of the mystery party games that you buy at department stores or at other Internet sites just aren't suitable for children's events or birthday party get-togethers. So, we've set up "Kids Mysteries." 

On this site, you'll find mystery party game scenarios that are specifically geared at teen and preteen audiences. No adult situations or untimely deaths.

The mysteries that we offer provide the fun without the problems. Our downloadable kits tell you how to organize a kids mystery party that will be remembered for years.

Here's what we mean . . .

The Shocking Case of Mystery Manor, is an ALL-GIRL mystery party by Andrew West. Your teen or preteen group will investigate the mystery of what shocked Minnie Maxson as the clock struck midnight at her 13th birthday party. It's one of our best-selling mysteries and is certain to be a memorable touch to your next party.

The Ghostly Case of The Haunted Amusement Park makes your younger teens put on their mystery party thinking caps and figure out why Mayor Siggy Hall's hair turned white while riding the Ghost Train at the Seashell Cove Amusement Park. This party kit is one of our most-popular mysteries.

The Terrifying Case of Strange Island, a mystery from Dilan Blue is in response to your requests for an ALL-BOY mystery. This intriguing mystery party kit takes your teenage group of boys to a desert island where unexplained nighttime sights and sounds make a group of Young Adventurers fear that a gruesome beast lives on the island. Are they really in trouble or is someone orchestrating a sophisticated hoax on them?

Order Kids Mystery Party KitsThe Troubling Case of the Trophy Theft, is the also by Lis Norman. Your group of preteens will be challenged to find out what happened to the Wombleton trophy that was to have been presented to Tommy Ace after his victory at the prestigious tournament.

The Sizzling Case of The Soccer Saboteur, is another ALL-GIRL mystery from popular kids mystery writer Andrew West. Your group of girls will enjoy solving the case and discovering who put the Red Hot Itching Powder in the star soccer player's new shoes just before the start of the State Championship Game between the Rolling Hills Bluebirds and the Seashell Cove Wildcats.

The Chocolaty Case of The Costume Conspiracy is a kids mystery by Barbara Lane. Your preteens will enjoy the challenge of figuring out what happened to Mrs. McGreedy's double chocolaty-chocolate chip cake during the annual costume party at the Sweet County Elementary School. It has been staged around the world and will be the hit of your special kids party.

The Colorful Case of The Swiped Sunflowers, another Barbara Lane offering, asks your group of younger kids to figure out who stole the new sunflowers from Clodhopper's Greenhouse before they could be displayed for the very first time. Your cadre of sleuths will be intrigued by this preteen mystery party that will "grow" on them.

The Blood-Curdling Case of The Buried Treasure is the first of its kind . . . a kids mystery designed for an outdoor event.

Your group of teenage sleuths will find screams, hidden sub-plots, and a legendary pirate treasure when tying together key facts and determining what happened in the woods at Buccaneer Park.

The Perplexing Case of The Pilfered Pooch challenges your preteens to figure out who dognapped the champion Labrador retriever the night before the big dog show. It's been the perfect touch for many birthday parties and could be the hit of your son's or daughter's event.

The Tantalizing Case of The High-Tech Flavor Heist is a special offering by writer Dilan Blue. Your group of teenage sleuths will be challenged to solve the case and determine how and why Sweet Time Ice Cream's new ice cream flavor was stolen just as it was being unveiled to the public.

The Curious Case of The Lost Elephant takes your preteens to the circus where they will investigate the strange disappearance of a large pachyderm. How could an elephant disappear overnight from its cage? It's a mystery, indeed and you children will love this party game.

The Sticky Case of Chuckles the Clown is a preteen mystery party game in which your kids try to figure out who poured the syrup in Eyestrain Falls' most-popular video game. The plot has many surprises as your kids use their sleuthing skills to find out what happened.

The Mysterious Case of A Quarterback in Space asks your teen audience to figure out how and why the star quarterback was supposedly abducted by aliens right before the big game. It's a case of UFOs and high school fun that makes a great party.

The Hair-Raising Case of Rapunzel's Green Tresses challenges your teens to Order Kids Mystery Party Kitsfigure out who dyed the star's hair green just before the debut performance of the much-anticipated play. This is one of our most-challenging mysteries and is sure to be the hit of your next party.

The Rocking Case of The Missing Music, will intrigue your teen sleuths as they solve the mystery of who stole the Gray Ghost, the prize guitar of the Screaming Pixies' lead guitarist, before the band's big concert at Rolling Hills High School.

The Deafening Case of The Mountainside Inn by Dilan Blue takes your teen group to a snowbound mountain inn where a strange noise is frightening the guests. What could be frightening the guests and make them want to shiver and shake? The chilling conclusion to the the case will create a storm of kudos.

The Monstrous Case at The Seaside Inn, from Barbara Lane, is set at a seaside inn where a strange monster keeps appearing on the ocean. Is it real or some sort of hoax? Your kids will find some interesting twists as they solve this mystery and host a party that their friends will talk about for years.

The Confusing Case of The Lost Letters to Santa, will let your group of preteens figure out what happened to the letters that the children of Hollytown wrote to Santa. Why would someone waylay them before they could be delivered to the North Pole? THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Your kids MUST believe in Santa if you purchase this mystery.

The Strange Case of The Disappearing Presents, another Christmas mystery game, will be the hit of your holiday kids party. You'll enjoy the heart-warming solution to the case as your young investigators learn a valuable lesson about what's really important in life.

Click on the titles to find out more about each mystery party game. 

All of them cost just $27.97 . . .

And, in each kids mystery party kit,Order Kids Mystery Party Kits you'll get:

Complete instructions on how to conduct the kids mystery party.

Roles for all of the mystery suspects.

Maps and diagrams to aid the children investigate the mystery.

Answer sheets and important kids mystery notes.

The solution to the mystery that is read at the end of the party.

REMEMBER: These mystery party games are DOWNLOADS. You'll have them within minutes after your credit card is processed. You won't have to wait for a kit to arrive in the mail and you'll be able to start planning your kids mystery party TODAY!

Take a few minutes and look at all of the mystery parties. Then, chose one (or several) games with your teens and preteens. You'll have birthday parties and special events that will get you hugs for years. 

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